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Well, changes are afoot for

Over the winter vacation I will be redesigning and re-jigging the website. I hope to make it more stylish and hopefully it will be something quite unique that has never really been seen before. (well from me anyway)

Anyway, as they say:

“Watch this space”

The first part of the change is the blog. Hopefully I’ll be updating this quite a lot.

So, back to the grind of University work for me now. (Isn’t it great when you hear that people are finishing a whole week before you :icon_mad: )

Martyn x

Welcome one, welcome all

Hello all

Welcome to my marvelous blog.

I have decided to bite the blog bullet and start one finally. I decided to go for the boastMachine setup for……well, no reason really, but I did have to wrestle with it for a long time to get it working. It was designed for my kind of server, but I still had alter a hell of a lot of the PHP code that came with it!!!

Anyway, please come back periodically for insights into my life, my thoughts and ramblings.

See you soon,

Martyn x