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Now it gets serious!!

So, the second hustings has been and gone. How did that go?

Well, I thought that it went pretty good. I think that my speech was well received and that I answered the questions really well.

You can view the transcript of my speech on my election website.

So now we are entering into the final phase of the elections, with voting starting this week and results being announced on Thursday night, it all seems so surreal.

For me, the most exciting point so far has been the amount of activity happening on the Students’ Union forum. Where there has been a lot of debate and many questions asked.

I’m very tired today as I was in work at 07:30 this morning and then went out and flyered/postered all the Halls of Residence, bar Castle Irwell – that equates to about 1650 students who were targetted today. I hope that it pays off!!

Anyway, as a quick update, I have also added the voting timetable to my website, so check it out and get down to vote.



Wow, this whole election thing is going so quickly!!

Well, today was the first of two hustings. For those that are unsure, hustings is an event where political campaign speeches are made. Each candidate is given 3 minutes to make a speech and then can field up to 3 questions from the floor and/or the current executive.

I really enjoyed this event. I was given the opportunity to explain why I wanted to be voted and what I would do in the role of Welfare & Education Officer. I’m proud of myself and I think I did really well. That’s the kind of feedback that I got from other people at the event, anyway.

The other bit of good news is that my competitor for the position did not turn up, not did he submit a speech to be read. In fact, nobody knows where he was. Hopefully this will benefit me and my campaign. I like to think that this role needs somebody who is dedicated and hard working, and todays events surely proved that I am just that!!

Well, the next hustings event is tomorrow night (Thursday) at 7pm. It’s at the Students’ Union entertainment venue, the Pavilion. This is probably the most important out of the two, as you are talking directly to the people that go to events put on by the Students’ Union.

I have to say that I am really really looking forward to it!!!

After tomorrow’s event, I will put the text of my speech up on my website for the benefit of those that could not attend either hustings.

So, for now I shall leave you with a soundbite from today:

“Union means to unite”

- well done Hannah (president candidate) for coming up with that one, that is probably the best line in regards to the Students’ Union that I have ever heard.

Posters here, posters there……

Last night, myself and a few other candidates decided to stay on campus and put up some posters ready for the morning rush, rather than race down to Castle Irwell and the Pav like everybody else.

So, we got some great positioning around the place, library windows, canteens (maxwell and chapman) and University House to name a few places.

Unfortunately, at some point this morning all of the posters on the windows of the library coffee room were cleaned of posters, never to be seen again. Okay, that hasn’t really stopped me as I have put some more up. The library staff have said it wasn’t them.

This has also happened in the Maxwell cafeteria, where I have had some posters taken down.

I suppose it’s all part of the race for positions really. The more I want this position, the more I shall run around the Uni like a loon putting posters up everywhere.

And they’re off…..

Well, that’s it…..campaigning can now begin.

The posters have gone up, the manifestos are being distributed and the good word is being passed around.

For those that would like some more information, you can have a look at my campaign website at

I’ve had to stop all comments on this blog as I was getting far too much spam comments happening. Sorry, if it causes any inconvenience.

Well, the next week will be full of running around, talking to people…..explaining my policies and pledges. There’s hustings on Wednesday (12:30 in Maxwell Building) and Thursday (19:00 in the Pav). So I’m getting ready for these and starting to jot down some ideas.

I’m already knackered and there’s still 10 days until close of elections and announcement of results.


What a coincidence!!

LOL…….As my housemate Jon would put it!!


It’s near enough a month to the day since I posted Status Quo and I’ve just been to the kitchen.

Guess what……..go on, guess……no? Well the kitchen is a sh1t tip again, this time it’s worse than the last and yes, I have pictures.

Oh, for any interested party, I did not get to the kitchen, see the mess and run and get my camera. I just used my phone, which has a 1.3 mega pixel camera on it.

So, here are the pictures:

Image Image Image Image

Anyway, in other news, I’m running against one other person in the elections, so it should be a good competition. I’m still writing and re-writing my manifesto, but I hope that students will appreciate what I have to say!!

I’ll unveil everything that I have planned for my campaign next week.

Til then…….bye bye!!!