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Guess who’s back

So, after a bit of a break from writing on here and updating all you lovely people on my antics, thoughts and rantings……I’m back!

Right, where do I begin?

I could carry on about fall out from the elections, the suspension of the communications vote etc, but I’m not going to! One good thing though is that I have been elected to go to the NUS Annual Conference as a delegate from Salford Uni.

I really can’t think of anything specific to write about at the moment. Mostly over the last 2/3 weeks I’ve been catching up on Uni work that had slipped during the elections, I’m still working hard at the weekends.

I’ve decided that next year I will be moving back home and living with my Dad, rather than living in student accommodation.

At the moment I’m trying to lay out plans for my future. I’m still juggling with the thoughts of what I want to do as a career once I finish uni. I’m not going to be one of those people that hasn’t a clue until they are offered a job after they graduate. At the moment, there are three ideas running around my head. Firstly there’s doing a Masters Degree in ‘Information Technology and Telecommunications Law’ and working within the law making industry. Secondly, I am thinking about doing a summer internship to help me make my decision and have seen one advertised at Manchester City Council. I don’t know why, but this seems quite interesting and I’m waiting to get more information about it. The last idea is to start up my own business, but this enters into it’s own decision making process itself – what type of business do I fancy going into?

Anyway, I’m going to go and get an afternoon kip as I’m very tired and need some sleep.

Bye for now,


The results are in

Last night was results night and after a hard, long week of campaigning and canvassing for votes, I lost by the closest margin ever in the history of Salfords’ Students’ Union. I lost by 18 votes!!

The first thing that I would like to do is to thank several people who have been supporting me all the way through:

  • Holly
  • Claire
  • Zoe
  • Joey
  • Steve

These guys have given me amazing support. I’m really proud of them and it meant a hell of a lot to me when Zoe and Joey turned up to help me campaign, when I didn’t even ask them to.

Next, I’d like to thank those that were so supportive last night, the majority of them will probably never read this, but I have already thanked them in person:

  • Charlotte
  • Ruth (what you said to me last night meant a lot and I respect you so much for saying it)
  • Hannah (You deserved it more than anybody)
  • Gemma (you didn’t need it, but you look fabulous)
  • Jess (sorry that my voice wasn’t up to scratch)
  • Alan (well done)
  • Heather (well done)
  • Jenny
  • Matt (Pingu)

If I have missed anybody, I’m sorry…..there was so much happening last night that it was all a bit of a blur.

I would next like to say a very big thank you to my friends and the sabbatical officers of the union, Alex, Hannah, Tracey and Steph. They have always supported me and throughout the elections have still remained my friends. Alex, if you do read this, please do not give up hope… quote of the week for you is “The trouble with democracy is that every silly bugger gets a vote”.

Anyway, enough of the Oscars speech!! On to the philisophical crap!!

I have been thinking about my loss over night. I can honestly say that it was a suprise, but I am quite happy at the same time. I can look back and say that I gave 110%. I was out of my house everyday at 08:00 and everyday I was getting back in past midnight, one night not until nearly 03:00 in the morning. I have encountered bad feeling, I have been told that I was not being voted for because of my religion and I have been told that I should not try and get votes in certain places that were thought of as ‘home ground’ by supporters of my opponent. I have been there in support of friends that were also running, asking the people that were campaigning for me to campaign for them instead. I have been the candidate that has been at every event, every ballot and has been outside canvassing in all weather without complaint. In my head I have still won, I know that I have not officially, but even my opponent was shocked.

I’ll still be there, I’ll be on Union council ensuring that the elected officials keep to their mandated promises that were in their manifestos, I may stand for a position on the E&D committee and I will definately still be heavily involved in Student Representation.

I keep going, nothing stands in my way. Today is a new day and the start of my campaign to run for president next year.

Keep smilling,