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Damn and blast

I just found out that I did not get that temporary position in the Uni marketing dept. Not too sure why, just got the bog standard “Thank you for attending the mini intveriew this morning, however on this occasion you were unsuccesful in being chosen for the role.” At the interview, she seemed to be impressed with what I was saying. What went wrong? Surely somebody who has experience in admin, marketing and assisting others should be able to get a simple temporary marketing assistant job?

Ah well, I suppose I’ll just have to keep on searching!

Fighting Fit

Right, that’s it! From next week I am going to put myself on a weight-loss regime. I know I can do it, I have done it before with great results. I’m fed up with having a spare tractor tyre around my mid section and boobs that Pamela Anderson would be jealous of!! I will lose weight and I know that if I keep my progress on here, in the public domain, then I will have that motivation as well.

I will at some point put either an extra thingy on the sidebar showing my progress, or make an extra page for it. However, I do it, I will have it on here and I will leave it here for people to see and comment on. I won’t hide a thing.

This weekend will be the start of July and I want to see a significant change by the beginning of September. I am not giving myself a target. I just know that I want to lose pounds and inches, so I will be keeping a record of those exact things on here. How much I weigh and how fat my waist is!!

I may even do a before and after picture, but haven’t decided on that just yet!!


Martyn Redstone and the Quest for the Temporary Job

So, I’ve finished my second year at university and I am looking at a 3 month summer holiday. What am I to do during that period? Usually I have a full-time job already organised by my part-time employers, but this year is different. I have a new part-time job and no prospect of it becoming full-time during the summer. So, I need to commence on that annual event that a lot of students partake in, I need to find a temporary summer job: (for all the Monty Python fans out there)

KEEPER: Stop! Who would cross the Summer of Death must answer me these questions three, ‘ere the other side he see.
MARTYN: Ask me the questions, keeper. I’m not afraid.
KEEPER: What is your name?
MARTYN: My name is Sir Martyn of Redstone.
KEEPER: What is your quest?
MARTYN: To seek a temporary job.
KEEPER: What is your favorite color?
KEEPER: Right. Off you go.
MARTYN: Oh, thank you. Thank you very much.

Right, so anyway, off I plod into Manchester city centre and spend the day going around all the job agencies and shops. I found nothing. Not even a whiff of a job, nothing at all. My day wasn’t wasted though, I did see this funny job advert:

Funny job advert

I want to know how you can have a bendy driver? At least they won’t get injured in an accident I suppose!! I do have a bendy license, does that count? I asked the recruitment consultant and the answer was a resounding “no”, followed by “please can you leave now”. Ah well.

Well, since then, I have applied for a job at the University of Salford. It’s a temporary job as a Marketing Assistant within the PR department. This would be really good if I get it as from this weekend I will be living 5 minutes from the University and I’ve been known to do a bit of PR for the uni before. I got interviewed by The Guardian about facilities at Salford University and never thought much of it. I recently found the article, but was miffed to see only a couple of sentences were used when I had spoken to them for about 10 minutes. I suppose that’s journalists for you though!! :P

Queasy Jet

Since flying to Paris with Easy Jet a few years ago, I re-named the Airline “Queasy Jet” because of their poor service and even poorer record of timeliness.

Well, this weekend they didn’t dissapoint again. As some of you may be aware my girlfriend Clare was coming over this weekend. She was supposed to be landing in Liverpool Airport at about 23:10 and getting the bus back to Manchester to stay with her sister. This didn’t go to plan, her flight was delayed by about an hour, which would have meant that she would have missed the last bus. So, I get a phonecall from Clare whilst at work, telling me about the delay. Cue helpful boyfriend with a car. I went to pick her up and took her back to Manchester. It was a very brief encounter, but was nice.

Okay, moving onto Monday. We met in (one of many) Starbucks in Manchester in the Morning and spent the day together, doing a mixture of wondering aroung the city centre to going back to mine (not what you think, I was only fixing her laptop :P ). We had to get Clare back to Liverpool Airport at about 3:30 pm for a flight that would be boarding at 5:10pm. So we got to the airport, she checked in, we had some food and played around on the arcade machines. I left her at passport control and headed back to Manchester. Just as I was arriving back, I received a call from Clare saying that her flight had been delayed indefinately and that she had no idea what was going on. Pat on the back for Easy Jet once again. Luckily another flight was diverted and they departed at about 8:30 in the evening. Grrrr what an awful airline they truely are.

On the plaus side, I had a great time with Clare on Monday and can’t wait for her to be back over here permanently in September :D

Beach Party!!

On Thursday 8th June, the Students’ Union held it’s last 15 hours drinkathon of the year. The difference with this one was that it wasn’t a bag-buying affair, this one was a 15 hour beach party. For the first part of the day, I was there in my Shock Radio guise as we were making keyring photos of groups of people. Sadly, these weren’t as popular as they had been in the past. Infact, the first part of the even proved to be very quiet as it was one of the hottest days of the year, therefore people wanted to be out on the field at Castle Irwell drinking, rather than stuck indoors drinking.

The second half of the event was held in The Pav (Salford SU’s licensed premises) and proved to be a sweat-fest of a night. The Pav was the hottest and most sweatiest that I have ever known it to be, but it was a blinder of a night.