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“The Lebanese Government must seize the opportunity to wrest their country from the grips of terror “

On the 14 July 2006, the UN Security Council debated “The Situation in the Middle East”.

H.E. Ambassador Dan Gillerman (Permanent Representative of Israel) made a statement before the Security Council.  He also spoke a week later during the open debate on “The Situation in the Middle East Including the Palestinian Question”.I won’t make comment on these speeches, suffice to say that I watched both speeches being given with a lump in my throat and a strong feeling of pride.  I totally agree with everything said.

I hope you read them and get a different perspective than the tripe that the BBC news is spouting.  


Release the soldiers and dismantle the terrorists

Free Gilad

Whilst the events in Israel are escalating, I thought that I would share my thoughts on them.

On Sunday, July 2, Cpl. Gilad Shalit was kidnapped when Palestinian Hamas terrorists used an underground tunnel to infiltrate his outpost in Kerem Shalom near southern Gaza, killing two of his comrades before escaping back to Gaza. Since then, there has been no word of his fate.

10 days later Hizbullah fighters based in southern Lebanon launch Katyusha rockets across the border with Israel, targeting the town of Shlomi and in a cross-border raid, the terrorists seized two Israeli soldiers before retreating back into Lebanon, insisting on a prisoner exchange and warning against confrontation.

This final insult spat into the face of the Israeli people was not to be ignored!  This was an advancement across an internationally recognised border by an army from a foreign country and was clearly an act of war.  These terrorists have kidnapped soldiers and they have fired rockets on Israeli towns where both Jew and Muslim live side by side.

I am proud of the actions of Israel and I hope that every country around the world is watching with awe of the actions of a country that treats every soldier as important as the next and will do anything for their security and protection whilst they are protecting there people from the tentacles of terror.

I cannot put into words what I am feeling at the minute about the events occuring in and around Israel, but suffice to say that I am now seriously thinking about moving to Israel after graduating from University so that I can help in any way that I can in this never ending struggle against those that will see my people destroyed.


A job!!

Yes, I have a job.  I’m working as a temporary recruitment consultant for Reed Social Care.  Basically it’s an extension of the job the I do at weekends, but is a lot more involved and pays a little more.

Very happy :D


One of the best sports that I have always enjoyed both participating in and watching is cycling.  So when I decided that I wanted to lose some weight, naturally I wanted to do it on my bike.

I’ve been cycling in and out of work, which is about 2.5 miles eachway three times a week for the last few weeks, but wanted to stretch myself and see where my limit was.

Yesterday me and my dad decided to cycle along the rochdale canal from close to manchester to hebden bridge in west yorkshire.  It’s about 25 miles eachway.

I did it, I completed it whilst enduring temperatures of close to 30 degrees.  The good news was that not once did i feel out of breath.  Infact my body was giving up long before my heart and lungs were.  I finished it very dehydrated and burnt but felt really pleased to have done it.

weight loss since start of july = half a stone :D

Just a quick one

Just to let you all know that I have moved into my new house, but have no internet access there at the mo.

It’s all going great.  Just looking for a job to keep me occupied during the week.

Loads to talk about, will have some good posts once I have the time and internet to do them.