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Who needs headphones?

Well, maybe the people that quite selfishly sit on public transport delighting us with aural delights such as a screeching cat singing over the top of some bass beats from the tinny speakers of their mobile phones.

I’ve been getting more and more annoyed at this social menace recently and today read a fantastic letter in the Manchester Evening News:

THIS is a message to all those people (mostly teenage girls) who insist on sharing their rubbish taste in r&b hip hop with all the passengers on the 216 bus route every day, via their mobile phones. If you must listen to what sounds to the rest of us like foul-mouthed wasps trying to get out of a jar, then why don’t you also strap a satellite dish to your back, don a polyester shellsuit and fake Burberry cap, half a dozen cheap gold earrings and a naff tattoo and achieve your goal of being a total chav? One day, when you’re an old bint like me, you’ll say to yourself ‘what was I thinking?’Meanwhile, I’m seriously thinking of buying a mouth organ so I can listen to my own music instead. I wonder if other passengers would appreciate my taste in music?

Put old heads on young shoulders, Manchester

Well done sir/madam for rightly pointing this out to the people of Manchester.

All that’s left to say is that I would encourage those of the general public who are fed up of these youngsters to actually say something and let them know how annoying their actions are.

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Gaza and Dresden

I’ve just made one of my legendary rants about Gaza, so I thought I’d share it with you:

Here’s a good article about what’s going on at the minute and puts it into a slightly more historical and strategic context…

I happen to agree (surprise surprise) with what Israel has done in Gaza and happen to be using the fantastic analogy that it’s exactly what the RAF and Britain did towards Dresden in Germany in WW2.

Basically, Hitler and the German war machine was indiscriminately firing V1 rockets (Doodle Bugs) towards large British cities and their innocent civilians in an attempt to cause panic, chaos and terror amongst the civilian population. The response by Britain was to fire-bomb the industrial city of Dresden in four raids. The raids saw 1,300 heavy bombers drop over 3,900 tons of high-explosive bombs, destroying 13 square miles of the city. Estimated loss of life was between 25,000 and 40,000. It is largely argued that this bombing campaign was a major factor in the surrender of the German armed forces 12 weeks later.

Now put that into context in Israel and Gaza – for some time Hamas and it’s allies have been firing rockets towards Israeli cities, indiscriminately targeting Israeli civilians in a huge campaign of rocket attacks:

Since 2001, total number of identified rocket and mortar shell hits: 8,910
Since Israel’s unilateral disengagement from Gaza in August 2005: 6,218
Since 4 November 2008: 1,116
Since the ceasefire ended on 19 December 2008: 1,045
Since Operation Cast Lead began on 27 December 2008: 896

As a sovereign nation, I would expect Israel to react – and react in this way. It worked in Dresden and it will work here.

Consider this quote:
Daniel Dawson*, British soldier who served in Intelligence Corps in Afghanistan and Iraq (22/1): “Footage of Gaza released today does show devastating damage to individual buildings, but this is no Stalingrad. A fact often unappreciated by those with no military experience is that the selective use of overwhelming force, aimed at key targets, actually shortens conflict and saves lives.”

* The soldier asked for his name to be changed for security reasons.