Bit of a catch up post this, I’m trying my best to start blogging again, but time is painfully sparse right now.

I’m very at busy at work now that I have got a newish job – apart from managing On-Call, I now look after the operations project management for the divisional director. Chuffed!!

So anyway, I just wanted to briefly mention my thoughts on Amy Winehouse. She performed at the Brits twice last week and I felt so proud for her. She has a talent that should never go to waste and that is why it is disgraceful when she is compared to Britney Spears. Britney does not have a talent, should be locked up in a mental home and have her kids taken away from her…. oh wait, that did happen. On the other hand, Amy needs to be supported by everybody and encouraged to get rid of ‘my Blake incarcerated’ who is nothing but a bad influence on her.


Now for some fun stuff……mehr

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