I’ve been reading reports today that the Israeli government is launching an emergency campaign to save the Sea of Galilee from an environmental disaster.

Severe draught has left water levels so low that the lake bed is dry and cracked for several meters until any water can be further into the lake.

The tragedy is that you don’t have to be Jesus Christ anymore to walk here on the Sea of Galilee.

-Gidon Bromberg, Friends Of The Earth

This lake provides a third of all the water in Israel and some people say that mismanagement by the Israeli Water Authorities have left it in this state. Nobody really knows who is to blame, but the point is that something needs to be done before a catastrophe befalls upon this place of beauty, history and social importance.

I spent a few days on the shore of this beautiful lake in January this year and it is a special place that the people of Israel need to look after. It will be hard to conserve water even more so than they already do, but if anybody can manage with less water, it’s the Israelis.

Swimming in The Kinneret

Swimming in The Kinneret

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