What I’m going to do here is point you towards three news stories that have caught my eye today. I’m going to try and do this once a week and bring you three stories from three different areas of news.

The first story this week is a UK story that is tragic yet humorous (yes, I have a sick sense of humour). BBC Wales are reporting that a man has died in a cake eating competition that was held in Swansea over the weekend. It almost enough to put you off of fairy cakes – however, it will be interesting to find out what he actually died of. Nobody has reported that, just that it wasn’t suspicious. Did he choke etc.? I want to know!

The second story speaks for itself in the clip below – legendary outburst – no chance in getting a passport now!

The last story is an international and technical one – that Pakistani authorities have ordered all local ISPs to block access to Google as blasphemous images of the Prophet Mohammed had made their way onto the file-sharing site. The really funny thing about this story is that, because an over zealous ISP in Pakistan got something wrong, not only was youTube taken off-line for 40 minutes, but the whole of Pakistan was removed from the Internet as well!

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